Building A Racing Drone? Read This Guide First – Best Racing Drone Motors(2020)

Building A Racing Drone? Read This Guide First – Best Racing Drone Motors(2020)

This is part 2 of the series “Best Racing Drone Components” and in this article we will be reviewing the best motors for racing drones. Click this link for part 1 where we review the best racing drone frames

Racing Drone Motors

Motors are the life and soul of your quadcopter. The more powerful the motor is, the more powerful and high-speed your quadcopter is. It produces thrust which is needed to lift the quadcopter upward and onward. We take many factors into account while buying a quadcopter, such as, size and torque, kV ratings, weight, recommended voltage, and efficiency.

They can be divided into two types,

  • Brushless motors.
  • Brushed motors.

Why we don’t use brushed motors?

Brushed motors are comparatively cheaper and easy to use. The disadvantage of using the brushed motors is that, they’re heavy with low speed and power. In racing, we need a light-weight and very high-speed drone, these motors are incapable of meeting those requirements and they also have a relatively shorter life span.


1.       ARRIS 2205 Brushless Motor:

best racing drone motors - ARRIS 2205 Brushless Motor

Arris 2205 is a powerful brushless engine. Highly efficient and long working life with hollowed steel prop shaft, which makes it damage prone in crashes. It produces +1000g thrust using 4S batteries and powerful magnets like GF5045BN. It’s light-weight but strong enough to ensure the longer flying durations, more durability and resistance to damage. It works perfectly with frames sizes from 200mm to 300mm.

Key Features:

  • High quality curved magnets.
  • Strong thrust.
  • Dynamic balance test.
  • Wide applications.
  • Both CW and CCW rotations.


  • 2300 kV.
  • 5’’ props.
  • 3-4S lipo cells.
  • 32A max continuous current.
  • 500W max continuous power.


  • Good for newbies with reasonable price.
  • Smooth and strong flight experience.
  • Good packaging (includes sets of both long and short screws).
  • Friendly and helpful customer service.
  • Be careful while mounting screw length, if you’re using a small RC planes.
  • Hard crash may bend the spindle or dent the rotor housing



2.       2204 Brushless Motor:

best racing drone motors - 2204 Brushless Motor

It is a very powerful and light weight motor, perfect for both freestyle and competitive racing. The CNC machining design make the motor standout from the crowd. Designed to work with 180mm to 250mm frames and includes both clockwise and anti-clockwise propeller adapters for better propeller grip and close to no vibrations.

Key Features

  • High precision CNC machining design.
  • Both CW and CCW rotations.


  • 2300 kV.
  • 440g max thrust.
  • 2- 3S battery cells.
  • 5’’ – 6’’ propellers.
  • 11Amp max current.
  • Both CW and CCW propeller adapter (holds propeller tighter).
  • Long flight time (up to 10 minutes).
  • Set of 4045 tri-blade props (included).
  • Long and short screws (both included).
  • Hex tools (4pcs included).
  • Magnets fall out during the flight.
  • Not balanced properly.


3.       EMAX RS2205 Brushless Motor:

Emax RS2205 is a very light weight and robust motor. Emax is well-reputed name in drone market for their product’s performance and long life span. The motor’s 22mm diameter, 5mm height and light-weight makes it a perfect motor for a variety of frames. Thrust power is one of the major factors we consider when buying a motor and 1024g max thrust makes it the best option one has.

Key Features

  • Rapid cooling.
  • Easy to install.
  • High quality motors with strong thrust power.
  • Both CW and CCW rotation.


  • 2300 kV.
  • Up to 5’’ props.
  • Weighs about 30g with wires.
  • 3s- 4S battery cells.
  • M5 prop adapter shaft thread.
  • 1024g max thrust.


  • Genuine Emax motors.
  • Amazing deals are available.
  • Very smooth flight experience.
  • Responsive and high-speed with different configurations.
  • Both clockwise and counter clockwise motors (2pcs each) included.
  • Damage resistant.
  • Strong thrust power (up to 1000g using 4S and GF5045BN).
  • High grade N52 Neodymium magnets.
  • Magnets loosened after some crashes.
  • Clips (that holds props, shaft and cap together) is very thin.
  • Thermal issues with the engine.
  • Packaging is not efficient.
  • Customer support is not good.


4.       Racestar BR2205 2300KV Brushless Motor

best racing drone motors - Racestar BR2205 2300KV Brushless Motor

If you’re just getting started in drone racing, then BR2205 is the best option for you. As a beginner, we crash the quadcopter 10 times a day (easy) and looking for powerful motors in a reasonable price. 4 pieces of BR2205 can be bought in $39.95 only (with free shipping to most places) and used with a lot of frames (250mm-280mm). You don’t need to worry about breaking it as it’s easy to install and replace, all you need to do is have fun!

Key Features

  • Suitable for 250-280mm
  • Separate Clockwise and counter-clockwise rotations.


  • Up to 5’’ props.
  • 2- 4S lipo batteries.
  • M5 shaft diameter.
  • M3 motor mount hole size.


  • Different cap colors for CW and CCW motors.
  • Free shipping.
  • Good for beginners.
  • A little loud and not very smooth.
  • Bell housing isn’t held properly (using C-clips).


5.       Cobra CP 1407 Brushless Motor

best racing drone motors - Cobra CP 1407

Cobra is small in size and tough. The stators for the motor are designed for maximum efficiency and minimum eddy current losses. It’s a perfect 3inch motor with clockwise screw threads and weights 14.5g only. It’s a choice motor for racing pilot as it fulfills the requirements for high durability, speed and performance.

Key Features

  • Clockwise screw threads.
  • Black color.
  • 12 magnet poles.


  • 2-4S Lipo battery.
  • Max continuous current: 19A.


  • 1.3mm Hex key wrench (included).
  • Bags of M2 x 5mm Socket head motor mount screws (included).
  • Very light weight.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Smaller size restrict the motors to small frames.
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