Building A Racing Drone? Read This Guide First – Best Racing Drone Propellers(2020)

Building A Racing Drone? Read This Guide First – Best Racing Drone Propellers(2020)

This is part 3 of the series “Best Racing Drone Components” and in this article we will be reviewing the best propellers for racing drones. Click this link for part 2 where we review the best racing drone motors or this link for part 1 where we review the best frames for racing drones

Propellers work according to Newton’s third law of motion, “For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction.”

The movement of propellers produce thrust and torque to lift the quadcopter and keep it in the air. Quadcopters have two types of propellers, clockwise propellers and counterclockwise propellers. The motor configuration and frame are the most important factors to take in account before purchasing a propeller.


1.       Emax AVAN 3024 3 -Blade PC Propellers:

Best Racing Drone Propellers - Emax AVAN 3024 3 -Blade PC Propellers


In drone racing, Emax has quite a good name for it’s product quality. Avan 3024 is a high-speed and tough drone propeller. Made with Polycarbonate blend and 2.4inch pitch, these propellers can take a beating and still go for another round. It’s perfect for both beginners and experts alike and if you like the shape ans structure these props will easily last for a few years.

Key Features:

  • 3 inch tri-blade.
  • Highly cambered airfoils allows for a higher blade angle while still remaining efficient.
  • Compatible with 1106 brushless motor.
  • Material: Polycarbonate blend.
  • Color: transparent and red (12 pcs each).
  • Pitch: 2.4inch.
  • Highly durable.
  • Well-balanced.
  • Flexible
  • Smooth and sharp flight experience.
  • Cheap to buy and replace in case of damage.
  • Little noisy.
  • Easily bend.


2.       DALPROP Cyclone T5046C 5046 3-Blades Propeller:

Best Racing Drone Components - DALPROP Cyclone T5046C 5046 3

Cyclone T5046CC is the perfect tri-blade propeller for quad racing. They have a high punch-out power and don’t make much noise while flying. They’re well-balanced, durable, and come in a variety of colors and you can use it on any quadcopter with a frame size of 2205t to 2250.

Key Features:

  • 5 inch tri-blade.
  • Compatible with 2205- 2450 brushless motors.
  • Colors: Turquoise, blue, purple, yellow (4 pcs each).
  • Material: Polycarbonate blend.
  • Mounting hole: 5mm.
  • Upgraded version T5046C Pro propeller.
  • Battery strap 20x200mm red (included).
  • Well balanced.
  • Very durable and reliable.
  • Smooth flight (no vibrations).
  • Perfect for freestyle.
  • Variety of colors.
  • Sizes may be different for some props.
  • Improper packaging (items were reported to be wrong or missing in some cases).
  • Little heavy for racing quads.

3.       HQ Macroquad Prop 9X5X3 Tri-Blade Propeller:

Best Racing Drone Propellers - HQ Macroquad Prop 9X5X3 Tri-Blade

Macroquad 9x5x3 is made with high quality carbon reinforced nylon for maximum RPM, speed and performance. These elegant black props are highly responsive and strong suitable for large racing quadcopters. You don’t need to worry about the rotation directions as both clockwise and anti-clockwise rotators are included (2pcs each). The only downsize is they can be a little heavy.

Key Features:

  • Multiple size tri-blade props.
  • Clockwise and counterclockwise props (2 pcs each).
  • Compatible with 450mm brushless motors.
  • Material: Carbon Reinforced Nylon.
  • Color: black.

  • Durable and authentic.
  • Smooth flight experience.
  • Highly responsive.
  • Quality of product is different in some packages.


4.       Strix Talon 5x4x3 Tri-blade Propellers:

Best Racing Drone components - Strix Talon 5x4x3 Tri-blade Propellers

Talon 5x4x3 are excellent tri-blade props available at a reasonable price. They’re made with polycarbonate and glass and you can choose the color of your own props. With the elegant design, light weight (4g), and customary size, they are compatible with a variety of frames (210-250mm) and motors (2204-2206).

Key Features:

  • 5 inch tri-blade.
  • Left-hand and right-hand props.
  • Clockwise and counterclockwise props.
  • Material: Polycarbonate and glass.
  • You can choose the color of props.
  • Amp draw is easy.
  • Good for practice and general flying.
  • Durable and stable.
  • Specifications are not clear.

5.       Raycorp 5040 Tri-Blade Propellers:

Best Racing Drone Propellers - 5. Raycorp 5040 Tri-Blade Propellers

Raycorp 5040 is one of the most popular props among racers using 210mm to 280mm frames. They are light-weight, affordable, and made with ABS plastic. The bullnose design makes for a powerful thrust but drains more power from the motors.

Key Features:

  • 5inch tri-blade props.
  • Colors: black and green.
  • Both CW and CCW props (8pcs each).
  • Light-weight.
  • Durable aesthetic design.
  • Smooth and even thrust.
  • Affordable price.
  • Not very strong for high speed.
  • Bends easily but doesn’t break.