About Us

Investors all face a common problem. They need information to help them make decisions. Financial analysts provide a wide range of "black box" reports but rarely offer any new information other than what is commonly available. One naturally asks a simple question. How can anyone make money using the same information as everyone else?

Choose 10 starts with a radically different perspective. We want to provide new information to clients so they can make more informed decisions. Choose 10 collects primary data and analyzes it in a transparent way. We present the reports in the same way that corporations make decisions: Powerpoint style presentations. Each slide has a simple chart that presents new information with a clear and concise point. Every week, we examine a new topic. We call the service Choose 10 because we think decisions are best made in under 10 minutes and with less than 10 pages. We think this is how investors should choose to make decisions.

The founder, Chris Field, earned a BA in economics from Amherst College and a PhD in econometrics from Brown University. After graduate school, Chris joined the economic consulting practice of KPMG and then the economic consulting practice of AT Kearney. Chris quickly found that both large and small companies faced data challenges. Some did not have data. Others struggled with using the data effectively. Chris saw an opportunity and has been providing specialized data and consulting services to major corporations for the last 15 years.